Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pigs - how far they've come

Not very. At all. Fuck. It's from last month, but I've been busy.

It's truly disturbing to watch people choose to end someone's life. It's so arbitrary and final. Judge, jury and executioner all in one spot. In this case, it is particularly troubling, as those making the decision tend to be beyond the law. A bunch of them keep shooting after their clips are empty.

Here's the story as CNN tells it. I'll provide some highlights:

He said after the disturbance started he pulled over his truck and started recording with his cell phone camera, capturing the shooting.
"When he noticed me recording, one of the officers jumped in the truck, put a pistol to my head," he said. "My phone was smashed - he stepped on it, handcuffed me."
Juan Sanchez, a detective with the Miami Beach Police Department, said he could not comment on how officers that night handled eyewitnesses who may have filmed the incident, because the matter could become the subject of an internal investigation or a civil lawsuit....

Benoit's girlfriend, Ericka Davis, was also in the truck at the time.
"They handled us like we were criminals," she said. "The officer came over to the driver's side, on my left, and just put the gun to my head."
"They took everyone's phones and smashed them," she said.
Benoit says the only reason he still has the footage is because it was saved on a tiny memory card, which he removed and hid from the officers, despite being told to hand over his video.
"I took the chip out and put it in my mouth," he said, and kept it there the whole time he was interviewed by police at a nearby mobile command post.
His video shows an officer on a bike approaching his truck and pointing a gun directly into the camera, giving an indecipherable command, and then backing away.
Another officer orders them to stop filming and get out of the truck, and then the video ends....

Herisse was killed, and four bystanders were injured by gunfire, according to [Miami Beach Police Chief Carlos] Noriega.
Benoit and Davis criticized the police for the number of shots they fired, in the presence of numerous bystanders.
"We could have been killed," said Davis. "They were shooting so long, you could hear their guns clicking on empty, but they kept pulling the trigger," she said. "I think that's excessive."
Noriega said it was unclear whether the suspect shot at the officers, but police later recovered a gun from his car.

Here's the video from CNN that shows an overhead view of the pigs killing that man:

They can do whatever they want. What would happen to a civilian who rode up to someone's car and started waving a gun at people? What if that person was caught on video doing so?

We live under martial law. Some of us get by a lot better than others, cause of the color of our skin and where we live. But we all live it.