Saturday, August 1, 2009

A perfect illustration of the fundamental problem with humanity

I was reading this story, and I really don't even know why, about the newest Taser. The story itself really doesn't fucking matter; what's important is what one of the pieces of shit who runs the company said with regards to how people use the products this company makes. And it's not really a reflection on him that concerns me. Sure, fuck the dude, he's garbage, he's helping pigs and troops to fuck up people (750,000 in fifteen years) all over the world, but that doesn't really matter here. That's fucking petty in terms of what his words say about the human species. I feel his remarks cut to the core of what is wrong with us: we simply won't stop.

What I keep wondering is: Who would inflict that kind of pain? And under what circumstances? We all know that our tools change our behavior. Give us cars, and we’ll go new places; give us iPhones, and we’ll check our e-mail way more often. So when we hear stories about grandmothers and kids and handcuffed prisoners and even runaway sheep getting tased, I asked Smith, what does that say about the stun gun’s impact?

He and his colleagues gently ducked the question, saying it was up to individual police forces and military units to teach their troops how and when to use the electroshock weapons. “All we can do is build in as many features as we can think of,” said Brian Beckwith, vice president of product development.

And that's it, right the fuck there: "All we can do is build as many features as we can think of." No concern for what comes after. Not a bit. That's something that's been demonstrated time and again throughout human history, particularly in relatively modern times - guns, gasoline engines, chainsaws, pesticides, nuclear energy, nuclear weapons, on and on, ad nauseam. These things have positive uses? I don't care if that's true, cause the reality is that that doesn't happen and every one of these things runs away from us and we stand around like it's some big fucking mystery how it got that way. Again and again, every fucking time.

People are truly, on a biological level, complete idiots. We've got these big brains that let us build whatever we come up with, rarely questioning if we even should. That's where the idiocy lies - doing without thinking of the consequences. That happens large (oil extraction), that happens small (heroin use). We are so, so stupid. We will not learn. Individuals may, but the species will not.

People love to think of themselves as this brilliant, exceptional and mighty species. All those animals that are so "low," they don't incorporate slow, all-encompassing death and destruction into their daily lives.

Draw a deep breath, look around and take in the incredible wreckage we've laid to the planet with our creativity and intelligence.

"Modern man, pathetic example of earth's organic heritage."