Friday, November 11, 2011

Breaking news: Americans are stupid assholes, re: Herman Cain

The world now knows that Herman Cain is a habitual "sexual harasser," which really just means that he has no respect for women and thinks they should do whatever he wants and have no rights. The evidence is there, replete with multiple five-figure payouts to the unfortunate objects of his, um, affections.

Anyway, as so often comes with election season, Americans have once again demonstrated their breathtaking stupidity and militant ignorance/indignation. In this instance, donors have rewarded the man handsomely for his attacks:
The campaign said Thursday afternoon that it raised some $9 million since Oct. 1, 25% of which came in over the past 10 days — when the accusations of sexual harassment were first reported. That indicates Mr. Cain collected some $2.25 million over the 10 days – putting his fund-raising at the same rate as in October.
Thanks idiots.

All in all, I guess he's really getting that money because he deserves it for being such a great guy and so caring:
This week, Mr. Cain quipped on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live that his fund-raising has improved since he began facing accusations of improper behavior. When host Jimmy Kimmel asked if other candidates should hire people to charge them with sexual harassment, Mr. Cain, said, “If they’re smart they will.”

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